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Random Strangers Jam is a 100% fresh and original musical experience taking over NYC with an ongoing residency 8-10pm 1st and 3rd Mondays at Shrine World Music Venue. Simply bring your instrument (drums, keys, mics, PA/DI provided) and join an upcoming jam by signing up here!

Random Strangers Jam began in 2022 as an experimental concert experience by Berklee drummer Skylar Hurwitz and now includes group members Alex Tovar (guitar), Kevin Lau (guitar), Andres Jimenez (bass). The group is currently scouting for a new house keyboardist. Former keyboardists include Roysha Arielle and Julia Sterling.


After years of COVID forcing everyone indoors and into a default "observer" mode streaming TV and music, we've developed a show experience where YOU as an audience member become part of the actual performance.

Every 5-10 minutes, half the band takes a seat and is replaced by 2-3 musicians from the audience, the new group of random strangers jam on chords picked on the spot and improvises a fresh funk rock segment! 


Think back to those jams of yesteryear - that pure desire to have fun and create something new with other open minded people - and we've made that our show experience for anyone who wants to participate. No cover songs, no albums or singles - just a stage where you are invited to explore and be a part of something more. Sign up to jam at our next show!

Random Strangers Jam's first residency was a 5-show series in 2022 to initially establish pinkFROG Williamsburg's Sunday Jams, followed by a 6-show residency at The Solera in Bushwick in partnership with Chelsea Records NY and Sustainable United Neighborhoods (SUN). Other recent shows include a series of 4 bi-monthly jam sessions at Rockwood Music Hall and a one-off session at Silvana Harlem

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